#LifeAtValueHomz: Value Homz Group


Life at Value Homz is incredibly ethical since we are dealing with all Category A class builders of NCR. According to the many interviews, the culture is exceptionally networked since all the tasks of our personnel' are well defined. The highly networked nature of the workplace has aided employees in being associated with the organization with the autonomy to bring out the best in themselves.

The culture of Value Homz is also the one that supports growth and learning by providing and promoting platforms for individuals to innovate and experiment, even if that is not an immediate requirement of their project. Regular training, orientation with the team members & the sales experts contributes to continuous motivation in the organization.

The size of the company and its well-defined hierarchy is centralized at a higher management level and localized at the domain or vertical level. Value Homz Group overall is an employee-driven company; we provide the best in class facilities to work and learn. Periodically, professionals take the independent learning and training sessions. Sometimes, the Directors/CEO's encourages each & every employee to learn and develop their technical, managerial, interpersonal communication, and other soft skills. The company provides a good mix of talent and challenging work, which appeals to the employees. There is nothing one can find is low on culture practices at the organization. The employees at Value Homz Group are well paid & well satisfied.

Apart from the learning and growth prospects, the organization also provides timely work reviews, assessments, various bonuses, leaves and also growth opportunities. The boundary between management and employees is low, and the administration is easily approachable. The level of respect for every employee is very high and is maintained with the high to low management and associates.